U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Mar 23, 2023

§ 1.670 - How must documents be filed and served under this subpart?

(a) Filing. (1) A document under this subpart must be filed using one of the methods set forth in § 1.612(b).

(2) A document is considered filed on the date it is received. However, any document received after 5 p.m. at the place where the filing is due is considered filed on the next regular business day.

(b) Service. (1) Any document filed under this subpart must be served at the same time the document is delivered or sent for filing. A complete copy of the document must be delivered or sent to each license party and FERC, using:

(i) One of the methods of service in § 1.613(c); or

(ii) Regular mail.

(2) The provisions of § 1.613(d) regarding a certificate of service apply to service under this subpart.