U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Sep 23, 2023

§ 22.307 - Program evaluation.

The Department of Agriculture is responsible for continuous program evaluation to determine if individual projects and the entire program is cost effective in terms of reaching rural development goals. As a result, USDA is responsible for conducting and reporting an annual evaluation of selected rural development projects and the overall rural development program. USDA shall include as a part of its evaluation Federal Regional Council assessment of the effectiveness of interagency coordination and delivery of services within the overall rural development program. States and multicounty districts are encouraged to participate in the joint preparation of such program evaluations. Copies of such evaluations should be supplied to the Administrator, Rural Development Service, Department of Agriculture and to the Federal Regional Councils, in sufficient time so as to arrive not later than July 1. The initial evaluation, due July 1, 1974, in addition to the requirements listed below, should include a background statement and should summarize first year program efforts and results. Annual evaluation should:

(a) Describe the process used in planning, project selection and priority setting, and the criteria and process used in evaluating program effectiveness.

(b) Describe the specific objectives of the programs.

(c) Describe and assess the cost and effectiveness of projects being pursued within individual multicounty jurisdictions.

(d) Express observations, conclusions and recommendations based on such evaluations which may contribute to the development of better management, coordination and planning procedures.