U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 5.3 - Selection of calendar year price data.

In computing the adjusted base price for those commodities for which calendar year price data are used, “* * * the average of the prices received by farmers for such commodity, at such times as the Secretary may select during each year * * *,” as used in section 301(a)(1)(B)(i), shall be the simple average of the 12 monthly estimates of the prices received by farmers as published by the National Agricultural Statistics Service in “Agricultural Prices” for those commodities for which such prices are available. An allowance for unredeemed loans and purchase agreement deliveries, any supplemental payments resulting from price support operations, and the value of marketing certificates, such as those received by producers of wheat pursuant to the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, as amended, and others of generally similar character and effect, shall be added to the price specified above. Prices received for milk wholesale, milkfat, beef cattle, sheep, and lambs shall include wartime subsidy payments as provided by section 301(a)(1)(B). For Maryland Tobacco, type 32, the price data for each calendar year shall be the weighted average price of type 32 tobacco sold during the period January 1-December 31.

[Amdt. 14, 29 FR 12451, Sept. 1, 1964]