U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 292.4 - Appearances.

(a) Authority to appear and act. An appearance must be filed on the appropriate form as prescribed by DHS by the attorney or accredited representative appearing in each case. The form must be properly completed and signed by the petitioner, applicant, or respondent to authorize representation in order for the appearance to be recognized by DHS. The appearance will be recognized by the specific immigration component of DHS in which it was filed until the conclusion of the matter for which it was entered. This does not change the requirement that a new form must be filed with an appeal filed with the Administrative Appeals Office of USCIS. Substitution may be permitted upon the written withdrawal of the attorney or accredited representative of record or upon the filing of a new form by a new attorney or accredited representative. When an appearance is made by a person acting in a representative capacity, his or her personal appearance or signature will constitute a representation that under the provisions of this chapter he or she is authorized and qualified to appear as a representative as provided in 8 CFR 103.2(a)(3) and 292.1. Further proof of authority to act in a representative capacity may be required.

(b) A party to a proceeding and his or her attorney or representative will be permitted to examine the record of proceeding in accordance with 6 CFR part 5.

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