U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 103.3 - Shipment of experimental biological products.

Except as provided in this section, no person shall ship or deliver for shipment in or from the United States, the District of Columbia, or any Territory of the United States any unlicensed biological product for experimental use in animals. For the benefit of license applicants and to permit and encourage research, a person may be authorized by the Administrator to ship unlicensed biological products for the purpose of evaluating such experimental products by treating limited numbers of animals, Provided, that, the Administrator determines that the conditions under which the experiment is to be conducted are adequate to prevent the spread of disease and approves the procedures set forth in the request for such authorization. Special restrictions or tests may be imposed, especially in the case of products containing live organisms, when they are deemed necessary or advisable by the Administrator. A request for authorization to ship an unlicensed biological product for experimental study and evaluation shall be accompanied by the following:

(a) One copy of a permit or letter of permission from the proper State or foreign animal health authorities of each State or foreign country involved.

(b) Two copies of a tentative list of the names of the proposed recipients and quantity of experimental product that is to be shipped to each individual. In the event of subsequent changes, additional information shall be furnished when such facts are known;

(c) Two copies of a description of the product, recommendations for use, and results of preliminary research work;

(d) A copy of the labels or label sketches which show the name or identification of the product and bear the statement “Notice! For experimental use only-Not For Sale” or equivalent. Such statement shall appear on final container labels, except that it may appear on the carton in the case of very small final container labels and labeling for diagnostic test kits. The U.S. Veterinary License legend shall not appear on such labels; and

(e) Two copies of a proposed general plan covering the methods and procedures for evaluating the product and for maintaining records of the quantities of experimental product prepared, shipped and used. At the conclusion of field studies, results shall be obtained, summarized, and submitted to the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

(f) Data acceptable to the Administrator demonstrating that use of the experimental biological product in meat animals is not likely to result in the presence of any unwholesome condition in the edible parts of animals subsequently presented for slaughter.

(g) A statement from the research investigator or research sponsor agreeing to furnish, upon the Administrator's request, additional information concerning each group of meat animals involved prior to movement of these animals from the premises where the test is to be conducted. Such information shall include the owner's name and address; number, species, class and location of animals involved; date shipment is anticipated; along with name and address of consignee, buyer, commission firm or abattoir.

(h) Any information the Administrator may require in order to assess the product's impact on the environment.

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