U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Feb 09, 2023

§ 112.1 - General.

(a) Unless otherwise authorized or directed by the Administrator, each biological product prepared at a licensed establishment, or imported, shall be packaged and labeled as prescribed in this part before it is removed from the licensed establishment or presented for importation: Provided, That biological products to be imported for research and evaluation shall be subject to packaging and labeling requirements in § 112.9. Provided further, That, unless otherwise exempted, all preparation, including packaging and labeling, of biological products shall only be performed in a licensed establishment under an approved Outline of Production.

(b) No person shall apply or affix to or include with, or cause to be applied or affixed to or included with, any carton or final container of a biological product, any label, stamp, mark or statement that is false or misleading in any particular, is not in compliance with the regulations, or is not approved by APHIS.

(c) No person shall alter, mark or remove any approved labeling affixed to or included with any biological product prior to selling or otherwise distributing such product. In addition, no person shall mark any carton, other container, or final container of a biological product so as to falsify the labeling, make it misleading, or cause it to be illegible.

(d) Labels that are stamped, printed or glued directly on cartons, other containers, or final containers shall be legible throughout the dating period. Biological products bearing labels, which have been altered, mutilated, destroyed, obliterated or removed, shall be withheld from the market.

[38 FR 12094, May 9, 1973, as amended at 59 FR 43445, Aug. 24, 1994]