U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 114.2 - Products not prepared under license.

(a) When an establishment license is issued, if biological products which were not prepared in compliance with the regulations are in the establishment, such products shall not be shipped or delivered for shipment or otherwise dealt with as having been prepared under such regulations.

(b) Except as provided in 9 CFR part 103, a biological product shall not be prepared in a licensed establishment unless the person to whom the establishment license is issued holds an unexpired, unsuspended, and unrevoked product license issued by the Administrator to prepare such biological product, or unless the products prepared are subject to the provisions of § 107.2 of this subchapter.

(c) A biological product produced in a USDA-licensed establishment shall be produced under a U.S. Veterinary Biological Product License or a license granted by a State under § 107.2 (referred to as a State biological product license and the products prepared pursuant thereto as State-licensed biological products, including autogenous biologics), but not under both a U.S. Veterinary Biological Product License and a State biological product license. Before a U.S. Veterinary Biological Product License (including a conditional license) is issued, the licensee shall relinquish its State license for that product: Provided, That autogenous biologics shall not be subject to this provision when they are prepared in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (c)(5) of this section.

(1) State-licensed biological products (including autogenous biologics) shall only be distributed or shipped intrastate, must not bear a U.S. Veterinary Biologics Establishment License Number, and must not otherwise be represented in any manner as having met the requirements for a U.S. Veterinary Biological Product license. Labeling of State- and USDA-licensed biological products produced in the same establishment must be distinctly different in color and design.

(2) All biological products in USDA-licensed establishments, whether licensed by USDA or by the State, shall be prepared only in locations indicated in legends filed in accordance with 9 CFR part 108. A description of each State-licensed product must be filed with the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service as part of the blueprint legends and must be sufficient for Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to determine any risk to the production of other products in the licensed establishment and to determine that adequate procedures are followed to prevent contamination during production.

(3) Records in such establishments must be maintained in accordance with §§ 116.1 and 116.2 of this subchapter and shall include all products licensed by the State or USDA.

(4) Reports prescribed in § 116.5 of this subchapter for USDA-licensed establishments shall be submitted for all veterinary biological products in the establishment.

(5) Under the following conditions, an autogenous biologic may be produced in a USDA-licensed establishment under either a State or U.S. Veterinary Biological Product License:

(i) When a culture of microorganisms, isolated from a herd in a State, is received at a USDA-licensed establishment that is in the same State but that holds both a State and a U.S. Veterinary Biological Products License for autogenous biologics, the isolate shall be designated by the licensee for use in the production of an autogenous biological product under either the State product license, or the U.S. Veterinary Biological Product License: Provided, That the isolate meets the requirements of the respective regulatory authority for an autogenous biologic. If, after producing the product pursuant to one license, the licensee elects to produce an autogenous biologic from the same isolate under provisions of the other license, the licensee may do so only with the approval of the other licensing authority.

(ii) The true name of a State-licensed autogenous biologic shall specify the State of licensure: e.g.

“ __________ Autogenous Bacterin” (State) or __________ Autogenous Vaccine”. (State) [39 FR 16869, May 10, 1974, as amended at 60 FR 48021, Sept. 21, 1995]