U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 130.4 - User fees for processing import permit applications.

User fees for any service rendered by an APHIS representative for processing applications for permits to import certain animals and animal products (using VS forms 16-3 and 17-129) are listed in the table in this section. The person for whom the service is provided and the person requesting the service are jointly and severally liable for payment of these user fees in accordance with §§ 130.50 and 130.51. These fees are nonrefundable. The table follows:

Service Unit User fee
Apr. 29, 2009-
Sept. 30, 2009
Oct. 1, 2009-
Sept. 30, 2010
Oct. 1, 2010-
Sept. 30, 2011
Oct. 1, 2011-
Sept. 30, 2012
Oct. 1, 2012
Import compliance assistance:
Simple (4 hours or less)Per shipment$99.00$102.00$105.00$108.00$111.00
Complicated (more than 4 hours)Per shipment514.00514.00531.00548.00565.00
Processing an application for a permit to import live animals, animal products or by products, organisms, vectors, or germ plasm (embryos or semen) or to transport organisms or vectors 1
Initial permitPer application133.00137.00141.00145.00150.00
Amended permitPer amended application66.0068.0070.0073.0075.00
Renewed permit 2Per application86.0089.0091.0094.0097.00
Processing an application for a permit to import fetal bovine serum when facility inspection is requiredPer application455.00469.00483.00497.00512.00

1 Using Veterinary Services Form 16-3, “Application for Permit to Import or Transport Controlled Material or Organisms or Vectors,” or Form 17-129, “Application for Import or In Transit Permit (Animals, Animal Semen, Animal Embryos, Birds, Poultry, or Hatching Eggs).”

2 Permits to import germ plasm and live animals are not renewable.

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