U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

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§ 56.7 - Mortgage against poultry or eggs.

When poultry or eggs have been destroyed under this part, any claim for indemnity must be presented on forms furnished by APHIS. The owner of the poultry or eggs must certify on the forms that the poultry or eggs covered are, or are not, subject to any mortgage as defined in this part. If the owner states there is a mortgage, the owner and each person holding a mortgage on the poultry or eggs must sign the APHIS-furnished form, consenting to the payment of indemnity to the person specified on the form.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0579–0007) [71 FR 56323, Sept. 26, 2006, as amended at 75 FR 10657, Mar. 9, 2010]