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§ 4654.
Prohibition against doing business with certain offerors or contractors
Except as provided in paragraph (2), the Secretary of a military department may not solicit an offer from, award a contract to, extend an existing contract with, or, when approval by the Secretary of the award of a subcontract is required, approve the award of a subcontract to, an offeror or contractor which to the Secretary’s knowledge has been debarred or suspended by another Federal agency unless—
in the case of debarment, the debarment of the offeror or contractor by all other agencies has been terminated or the period of time specified for such debarment has expired; and
Paragraph (1) does not apply in any case in which the Secretary concerned determines that there is a compelling reason to solicit an offer from, award a contract to, extend a contract with, or approve a subcontract with such offeror or contractor.
Whenever the Secretary concerned makes a determination described in subsection (a)(2), he shall, at the time of the determination, transmit a notice to the Administrator of General Services describing the determination. The Administrator of General Services shall maintain each such notice on a publicly accessible website to the maximum extent practicable.
In this section:
The term “debar” means to exclude, pursuant to established administrative procedures, from Government contracting and subcontracting for a specified period of time commensurate with the seriousness of the failure or offense or the inadequacy of performance.
The term “suspend” means to disqualify, pursuant to established administrative procedures, from Government contracting and subcontracting for a temporary period of time because a concern or individual is suspected of engaging in criminal, fraudulent, or seriously improper conduct.
The Secretary of Defense shall prescribe in regulations a requirement that each contractor under contract with the Department of Defense shall require each contractor to whom it awards a contract (in this section referred to as a subcontractor) to disclose to the contractor whether the subcontractor is or is not, as of the time of the award of the subcontract, debarred or suspended by the Federal Government from Government contracting or subcontracting. The requirement shall apply to any subcontractor whose subcontract is in an amount greater than the simplified acquisition threshold (as defined in section 134 of title 41). The requirement shall not apply in the case of a subcontract for the acquisition of commercial products or commercial services (as defined in sections 103 and 103a, respectively, of title 41).
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