Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Effective Date

Pub. L. 89–755, § 13, Nov. 3, 1966, 80 Stat. 1302, provided that: “This Act [enacting this chapter] shall take effect on July 1, 1967: Provided, That the Secretary (with respect to any consumer commodity which is a food, drug, device, or cosmetic, as those terms are defined by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act) [section 301 et seq. of Title 21, Food and Drugs], and the Commission (with respect to any other consumer commodity) may by regulation postpone, for an additional twelve-month period, the effective date of this Act [this chapter] with respect to any class or type of consumer commodity on the basis of a finding that such a postponement would be in the public interest.”

Short Title

Pub. L. 89–755, § 1, Nov. 3, 1966, 80 Stat. 1296, provided: “That this Act [enacting this chapter] may be cited as the ‘Fair Packaging and Labeling Act’.”