Editorial Notes
References in Text

Section 13 of the Act of December 22, 1944 (58 Stat. 887), as amended and supplemented, referred to in text, is section 13 of act Dec. 22, 1944, ch. 665, 58 Stat. 887, which was not classified to the Code.


1996—Pub. L. 104–127 added second sentence and struck out former second sentence which read as follows: “Such loans or advancements shall be made under contracts or agreements which will provide, under such terms and conditions as the Secretary deems appropriate, for the repayment thereof in not more than fifty years from the date when the principal benefits of the works of improvement first become available, with interest at the average rate, as determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, payable by the Treasury upon its marketable public obligations outstanding at the beginning of the fiscal year in which the loan or advancement is made, which are neither due nor callable for redemption for fifteen years from date of issue.”

1977—Pub. L. 95–113 substituted “$10,000,000” for “five million dollars” as the maximum amount of a loan or advancement for any single plan for works of improvement.

1960—Pub. L. 86–468 authorized the Secretary to make loans or advancements to state and local agencies to finance the local share of costs of carrying out works of improvement in connection with the 11 watershed improvement programs authorized by section 13 of the act of Dec. 22, 1944.

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Effective Date of 1977 Amendment

Amendment by Pub. L. 95–113 effective Oct. 1, 1977, see section 1901 of Pub. L. 95–113, set out as a note under section 1307 of Title 7, Agriculture.

Extension of Benefits to Projects Authorized Before Aug. 7, 1956

Section as applicable to all works of improvement and plans for such works under the provisions of this chapter, see Extension of Benefits note set out under section 1001 of this title.

Executive Documents
Transfer of Functions

For transfer of certain enforcement functions of Secretary or other official in Department of Agriculture under this chapter to Federal Inspector, Office of Federal Inspector for Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System, and subsequent transfer to Secretary of Energy, then to Federal Coordinator for Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects, see note set out under section 1002 of this title.