So in original. Probably should be capitalized.
in the same manner as such provisions apply to the attendance of the Member or Member-elect at the organizational caucus or conference.
Editorial Notes

Section is based on section 202 of House Resolution No. 988, Ninety-third Congress, Oct. 8, 1974, which was enacted into permanent law by Pub. L. 93–554.


2004—Subsec. (a)(1). Pub. L. 108–447, § 107(a), substituted “conference of all” for “conference, to begin on or after the first day of December and conclude on or before the twentieth day of December in such year and to be attended by all”.

Subsec. (b)(1)(B). Pub. L. 108–447, § 107(b)(1), substituted a period for “for a period not to exceed the shorter of the following—

“(i) the period beginning with the day before the designated date upon which such caucus or conference is to convene and ending with the day after the date of the final adjournment of such caucus or conference; or

“(ii) fourteen days.”

Subsec. (d). Pub. L. 108–447, § 107(c)(1), added subsec. (d).

1996—Subsec. (b)(2). Pub. L. 104–186, § 202(4)(A), substituted “House Oversight” for “House Administration” in two places.

Subsec. (c). Pub. L. 104–186, § 202(4)(B), substituted “applicable accounts of the House of Representatives are” for “contingent fund of the House is”.

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Change of Name

Committee on House Oversight of House of Representatives changed to Committee on House Administration of House of Representatives by House Resolution No. 5, One Hundred Sixth Congress, Jan. 6, 1999.

Effective Date of 2004 Amendment

Pub. L. 108–447, div. G, title I, § 107(d), Dec. 8, 2004, 118 Stat. 3177, provided that: “The amendments made by this section [amending this section and section 5343 of this title] shall apply with respect to the One Hundred Tenth Congress and each succeeding Congress.”

Effective Date

Pub. L. 93–554 provided that the enactment of House Resolution No. 988, Ninety-third Congress, into permanent law is effective Jan. 2, 1975.