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§ 1070.
Statement of purpose; program authorization
It is the purpose of this part, to assist in making available the benefits of postsecondary education to eligible students (defined in accordance with section 1091 of this title) in institutions of higher education by—
providing Federal Pell Grants to all eligible students;
providing supplemental educational opportunity grants to those students who demonstrate financial need;
providing for payments to the States to assist them in making financial aid available to such students;
providing for special programs and projects designed (A) to identify and encourage qualified youths with financial or cultural need with a potential for postsecondary education, (B) to prepare students from low-income families for postsecondary education, and (C) to provide remedial (including remedial language study) and other services to students; and
providing assistance to institutions of higher education.
Secretary required to carry out purposes

The Secretary shall, in accordance with subparts 1 through 9 of this part, carry out programs to achieve the purposes of this part.

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cite as: 20 USC 1070