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§ 350m.
Requirements for critical food
Notification of meaningful disruption for critical food
In general

A manufacturer of a critical food (as defined in section 321(ss) of this title) shall notify the Secretary of a permanent discontinuance in the manufacture or an interruption of the manufacture of such food that is likely to lead to a meaningful disruption in the supply of such food in the United States, and the reasons for such discontinuance or interruption, as soon as practicable, but not later than 5 business days after such discontinuance or such interruption.

Distribution of information

Not later than 5 calendar days after receiving a notification under paragraph (1), if the Secretary has determined that such discontinuance or interruption has resulted, or is likely to result, in a shortage of such critical food, the Secretary shall distribute, to the Secretary of Agriculture and to the maximum extent practicable to the appropriate entities, as determined by the Secretary through such means as the Secretary determines appropriate, information on such shortage.


Nothing in this subsection authorizes the Secretary to disclose any information that is a trade secret or confidential information subject to section 552(b)(4) of title 5 or section 1905 of title 18.

Meaningful disruption
In this subsection, the term “meaningful disruption”—
means a change in production that is reasonably likely to lead to a significant reduction in the supply of a critical food by a manufacturer that affects the ability of the manufacturer to meet expected demand for its product; and
does not include interruptions in manufacturing due to matters such as routine maintenance, changes or discontinuance of flavors, colors, or other insignificant formulation characteristics, or insignificant changes in manufacturing so long as the manufacturer expects to resume operations in a short period of time.
Risk management plans
Each manufacturer of a critical food shall develop, maintain, and implement, as appropriate, a redundancy risk management plan that identifies and evaluates risks to the supply of the food, as applicable, for each establishment in which such food is manufactured. A risk management plan under this subsection—
may identify and evaluate risks to the supply of more than one critical food, or critical food category, manufactured at the same establishment;
may identify mechanisms by which the manufacturer would mitigate the impacts of a supply disruption through alternative production sites, alternative suppliers, stockpiling of inventory, or other means; and
shall be subject to inspection and copying by the Secretary pursuant to an inspection under section 374 of this title.
Failure to meet requirements
In general
If a person fails to submit information required under, and in accordance with, subsection (a)—
the Secretary shall issue a letter to such person informing such person of such failure; and
not later than 45 calendar days after the issuance of a letter under subparagraph (A), subject to paragraph (2), the Secretary shall make available to the public on the website of the Food and Drug Administration, with appropriate redactions made to protect the information described in subsection (a)(3)—
the letter issued under subparagraph (A); and
at the request of such person, any response to such letter such person submitted to the Secretary.

If the Secretary determines that the letter under paragraph (1) was issued in error or, after review of such response, the person had a reasonable basis for not submitting a notification as required under subsection (a), the requirements of paragraph (1)(B) shall not apply.

(June 25, 1938, ch. 675, § 424, as added Pub. L. 117–328, div. FF, title III, § 3401(k), Dec. 29, 2022, 136 Stat. 5844.)
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