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§ 2347.
General authority
The President is authorized to furnish, on such terms and conditions consistent with this chapter as the President may determine (but whenever feasible on a reimbursable basis), military education and training to military and related civilian personnel of foreign countries. Such civilian personnel shall include foreign governmental personnel of ministries other than ministries of defense, and may also include legislators and individuals who are not members of the government, if the military education and training would (i) contribute to responsible defense resource management, (ii) foster greater respect for and understanding of the principle of civilian control of the military, (iii) contribute to cooperation between military and law enforcement personnel with respect to counternarcotics law enforcement efforts, or (iv) improve military justice systems and procedures in accordance with internationally recognized human rights. Such training and education may be provided through—
attendance at military educational and training facilities in the United States (other than Service academies) and abroad;
attendance in special courses of instruction at schools and institutions of learning or research in the United States and abroad; and
observation and orientation visits to military facilities and related activities in the United States and abroad.
The President shall seek reimbursement for military education and training furnished under this part from countries using assistance under section 2763 of this title (relating to the Foreign Military Financing Program) to purchase such military education and training at a rate comparable to the rate charged to countries receiving grant assistance for military education and training under this part.
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cite as: 22 USC 2347