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§ 4801.
Findings and purposes
The Congress finds and declares that—
the United States has a crucial stake in the presence of United States Government personnel representing United States interests abroad;
conditions confronting United States Government personnel and missions abroad are fraught with security concerns which will continue for the foreseeable future; and
the resources now available to counter acts of terrorism and protect and secure United States Government personnel and missions abroad, as well as foreign officials and missions in the United States, are inadequate to meet the mounting threat to such personnel and facilities.
The purposes of this chapter are—
to set forth the responsibility of the Secretary of State with respect to the security of diplomatic operations in the United States and abroad;
to maximize coordination by the Department of State with Federal, State, and local agencies and agencies of foreign governments in order to enhance security programs;
to promote strengthened security measures, institutionalize a culture of learning, and, in the case of apparent gross negligence or breach of duty, recommend that the Secretary investigate accountability for United States Government personnel with security-related responsibilities under chief of mission authority;
to support a culture of risk management, instead of risk avoidance, that enables the Department of State to pursue its vital goals with full knowledge that it is neither desirable nor possible for the Department to avoid all risks;
to set forth the responsibility of the Secretary of State with respect to the safe and efficient evacuation of United States Government personnel, their dependents, and private United States citizens when their lives are endangered by war, civil unrest, or natural disaster; and
to provide authorization of appropriations for the Department of State to carry out its responsibilities in the area of security and counterterrorism, and in particular to finance the acquisition and improvements of United States Government missions abroad, including real property, buildings, facilities, and communications, information, and security systems.
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