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§ 5361.
In this subchapter:

The term “compact” means a self-governance compact entered into under section 5364 of this title.

Construction program; construction project

The term “construction program” or “construction project” means a Tribal undertaking relating to the administration, planning, environmental determination, design, construction, repair, improvement, or expansion of roads, bridges, buildings, structures, systems, or other facilities for purposes of housing, law enforcement, detention, sanitation, water supply, education, administration, community, health, irrigation, agriculture, conservation, flood control, transportation, or port facilities, or for other Tribal purposes.


The term “Department” means the Department of the Interior.

Funding agreement

The term “funding agreement” means a funding agreement entered into under section 5363 of this title.

Gross mismanagement

The term “gross mismanagement” means a significant violation, shown by a preponderance of the evidence, of a compact, funding agreement, or statutory or regulatory requirement applicable to Federal funds for a program administered by an Indian Tribe under a compact or funding agreement.

Inherent Federal function

The term “inherent Federal function” means a Federal function that may not legally be delegated to an Indian Tribe.

Non-BIA program
The term “non-BIA program” means all or a portion of a program, function, service, or activity that is administered by any bureau, service, office, or agency of the Department of the Interior other than—
the Bureau of Indian Affairs;
the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs; or
the Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians.

The term “program” means any program, function, service, or activity (or portion thereof) within the Department that is included in a funding agreement.


The term “Secretary” means the Secretary of the Interior.

Self-determination contract

The term “self-determination contract” means a self-determination contract entered into under section 5321 of this title.


The term “self-governance” means the Tribal Self-Governance Program established under section 5362 of this title.

Tribal share
The term “Tribal share” means the portion of all funds and resources of an Indian Tribe that—
support any program within the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians, or the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs; and
are not required by the Secretary for the performance of an inherent Federal function.
Tribal water rights settlement
The term “Tribal water rights settlement” means any settlement, compact, or other agreement expressly ratified or approved by an Act of Congress that—
includes an Indian Tribe and the United States as parties; and
quantifies or otherwise defines any water right of the Indian Tribe.
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