So in original. Probably should be “conspicuously”.
at all points which persons entering such hazardous place would be required to pass, and shall notify the operator of the mine. No person, other than an authorized representative of the Secretary or a State mine inspector or persons authorized by the operator to enter such place for the purpose of eliminating the hazardous condition therein, shall enter such place while such sign is so posted. Upon completing his examination, such mine examiner shall report the results of his examination to a person, designated by the operator to receive such reports at a designated station on the surface of the mine, before other persons enter the underground areas of such mine to work in such shift. Each such mine examiner shall also record the results of his examination with ink or indelible pencil in a book approved by the Secretary kept for such purpose in an area on the surface of the mine chosen by the operator to minimize the danger of destruction by fire or other hazard, and the record shall be open for inspection by interested persons.
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For the operative date of this subchapter, referred to in subsecs. (b), (l), (o), (q), (r), (t), (y), and (z)(2), (3), see section 509 of Pub. L. 91–173, set out as an Effective Date note under section 801 of this title.

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Section operative 90 days after Dec. 30, 1969, except to the extent an earlier date is specifically provided for in Pub. L. 91–173, see section 509 of Pub. L. 91–173, set out as a note under section 801 of this title.

Belt Haulage Entries for Ventilation

Pub. L. 110–161, div. G, title I, § 112(a), Dec. 26, 2007, 121 Stat. 2168, provided that: “Not later than June 20, 2008, the Secretary of Labor shall propose regulations pursuant to section 303(y) of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977 [30 U.S.C. 863(y)], consistent with the recommendations of the Technical Study Panel established pursuant to section 11 of the Mine Improvement and New Emergency Response (MINER) Act (Public Law 109–236) [enacting section 963 of this title], to require that in any coal mine, regardless of the date on which it was opened, belt haulage entries not be used to ventilate active working places without prior approval from the Assistant Secretary. Further, a mine ventilation plan incorporating the use of air coursed through belt haulage entries to ventilate active working places shall not be approved until the Assistant Secretary has reviewed the elements of the plan related to the use of belt air and determined that the plan at all times affords at least the same measure of protection where belt haulage entries are not used to ventilate working places. The Secretary shall finalize the regulations not later than December 31, 2008.”