Historical and Revision Notes

Revised Section

Source (U.S. Code)

Source (Statutes at Large)

1323(a), (b)

31:725r(less proviso).

June 26, 1934, ch. 756, § 19, 48 Stat. 1232; Dec. 21, 1944, ch. 631, § 2, 58 Stat. 845.



In subsection (a), before clause (1), the words “Effective July 1, 1935” are omitted as executed. In clauses (2)–(4), the words “Department of Justice” are substituted for “Labor Department” (subsequently changed to “Justice Department” because of Reorganization Plan No. 5 of 1940 (eff. June 14, 1940, 54 Stat. 1238)) for consistency with title 28.

The words related to Patent Office (subsequently changed to Patent and Trademark Office because of section 3 of the Act of January 2, 1975 (Pub. L. 93–596, 88 Stat. 1949)), are omitted as superseded by 35:42.

In subsection (c), the words “officers and employees of the United States Government” are substituted for “officers of the United States by virtue of their official capacity” for consistency and to eliminate unnecessary words.