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§ 2139.
Component and other parts of facilities
Licenses for domestic activities

With respect to those utilization and production facilities which are so determined by the Commission pursuant to section 2014(v)(2) or 2014(cc)(2) of this title the Commission may issue general licenses for domestic activities required to be licensed under section 2131 of this title, if the Commission determines in writing that such general licensing will not constitute an unreasonable risk to the common defense and security.

Export licenses

After consulting with the Secretaries of State, Energy, and Commerce, the Commission is authorized and directed to determine which component parts as defined in section 2014(v)(2) or 2014(cc)(2) of this title and which other items or substances are especially relevant from the standpoint of export control because of their significance for nuclear explosive purposes. Except as provided in section 2155(b)(2) of this title, no such component, substance, or item which is so determined by the Commission shall be exported unless the Commission issues a general or specific license for its export after finding, based on a reasonable judgment of the assurances provided and other information available to the Federal Government, including the Commission, that the following criteria or their equivalent are met: (1) IAEA safeguards as required by Article III (2) of the Treaty will be applied with respect to such component, substance, or item; (2) no such component, substance, or item will be used for any nuclear explosive device or for research on or development of any nuclear explosive device; and (3) no such component, substance, or item will be retransferred to the jurisdiction of any other nation or group of nations unless the prior consent of the United States is obtained for such retransfer; and after determining in writing that the issuance of each such general or specific license or category of licenses will not be inimical to the common defense and security: Provided, That a specific license shall not be required for an export pursuant to this section if the component, item or substance is covered by a facility license issued pursuant to section 2155 of this title.

Exports inimical to common defense and security of United States

The Commission shall not issue an export license under the authority of subsection (b) if it is advised by the executive branch, in accordance with the procedures established under section 2155(a) of this title, that the export would be inimical to the common defense and security of the United States.

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