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§ 704.
Use of allotment funds
Covered services

Except as otherwise provided under this section, a State may use amounts paid to it under section 703 of this title for the provision of health services and related activities (including planning, administration, education, and evaluation and including payment of salaries and other related expenses of National Health Service Corps personnel) consistent with its application transmitted under section 705(a) of this title.

Amounts described in subsection (a) may not be used for—
inpatient services, other than inpatient services provided to children with special health care needs or to high-risk pregnant women and infants and such other inpatient services as the Secretary may approve;
cash payments to intended recipients of health services;
the purchase or improvement of land, the purchase, construction, or permanent improvement (other than minor remodeling) of any building or other facility, or the purchase of major medical equipment;
satisfying any requirement for the expenditure of non-Federal funds as a condition for the receipt of Federal funds;
providing funds for research or training to any entity other than a public or nonprofit private entity; or
payment for any item or service (other than an emergency item or service) furnished—
by an individual or entity during the period when such individual or entity is excluded under this subchapter or subchapter XVIII, XIX, or XX pursuant to section 1320a–7, 1320a–7a, 1320c–5, or 1395u(j)(2) of this title, or
at the medical direction or on the prescription of a physician during the period when the physician is excluded under this subchapter or subchapter XVIII, XIX, or XX pursuant to section 1320a–7, 1320a–7a, 1320c–5, or 1395u(j)(2) of this title and when the person furnishing such item or service knew or had reason to know of the exclusion (after a reasonable time period after reasonable noti
The Secretary may waive the limitation contained in paragraph (3) upon the request of a State if the Secretary finds that there are extraordinary circumstances to justify the waiver and that granting the waiver will assist in carrying out this subchapter.
Use of portion of funds

A State may use a portion of the amounts described in subsection (a) for the purpose of purchasing technical assistance from public or private entities if the State determines that such assistance is required in developing, implementing, and administering programs funded under this subchapter.

Limitation on use of funds for administrative costs

Of the amounts paid to a State under section 703 of this title from an allotment for a fiscal year under section 702(c) of this title, not more than 10 percent may be used for administering the funds paid under such section.

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