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§ 7492.
The Administrator, in conjunction with the National Park Service and other appropriate Federal agencies, shall conduct research to identify and evaluate sources and source regions of both visibility impairment and regions that provide predominantly clean air in class I areas. A total of $8,000,000 per year for 5 years is authorized to be appropriated for the Environmental Protection Agency and the other Federal agencies to conduct this research. The research shall include—
expansion of current visibility related monitoring in class I areas;
assessment of current sources of visibility impairing pollution and clean air corridors;
adaptation of regional air quality models for the assessment of visibility;
studies of atmospheric chemistry and physics of visibility.
Based on the findings available from the research required in subsection (a)(1) as well as other available scientific and technical data, studies, and other available information pertaining to visibility source-receptor relationships, the Administrator shall conduct an assessment and evaluation that identifies, to the extent possible, sources and source regions of visibility impairment including natural sources as well as source regions of clear air for class I areas. The Administrator shall produce interim findings from this study within 3 years after November 15, 1990.
Impacts of other provisions

Within 24 months after November 15, 1990, the Administrator shall conduct an assessment of the progress and improvements in visibility in class I areas that are likely to result from the implementation of the provisions of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 other than the provisions of this section. Every 5 years thereafter the Administrator shall conduct an assessment of actual progress and improvement in visibility in class I areas. The Administrator shall prepare a written report on each assessment and transmit copies of these reports to the appropriate committees of Congress.

Establishment of visibility transport regions and commissions
Authority to establish visibility transport regions
Whenever, upon the Administrator’s motion or by petition from the Governors of at least two affected States, the Administrator has reason to believe that the current or projected interstate transport of air pollutants from one or more States contributes significantly to visibility impairment in class I areas located in the affected States, the Administrator may establish a transport region for such pollutants that includes such States. The Administrator, upon the Administrator’s own motion or upon petition from the Governor of any affected State, or upon the recommendations of a transport commission established under subsection (b) of this section 1
 So in original. Words “subsection (b) of this section” probably should be “paragraph (2)”.
add any State or portion of a State to a visibility transport region when the Administrator determines that the interstate transport of air pollutants from such State significantly contributes to visibility impairment in a class I area located within the transport region, or
remove any State or portion of a State from the region whenever the Administrator has reason to believe that the control of emissions in that State or portion of the State pursuant to this section will not significantly contribute to the protection or enhancement of visibility in any class I area in the region.
Visibility transport commissions
Whenever the Administrator establishes a transport region under subsection (c)(1), the Administrator shall establish a transport commission comprised of (as a minimum) each of the following members:
the Governor of each State in the Visibility Transport Region, or the Governor’s designee;
The 2
 So in original. Probably should not be capitalized.
Administrator or the Administrator’s designee; and
A 2 representative of each Federal agency charged with the direct management of each class I area or areas within the Visibility Transport Region.
Ex officio members

All representatives of the Federal Government shall be ex officio members.

Chapter 10 of title 5

The visibility transport commissions shall be exempt from the requirements of chapter 10 of title 5.

Duties of visibility transport commissions
A Visibility Transport Commission—
shall assess the scientific and technical data, studies, and other currently available information, including studies conducted pursuant to subsection (a)(1), pertaining to adverse impacts on visibility from potential or projected growth in emissions from sources located in the Visibility Transport Region; and
shall, within 4 years of establishment, issue a report to the Administrator recommending what measures, if any, should be taken under this chapter to remedy such adverse impacts. The report required by this subsection shall address at least the following measures:
the establishment of clean air corridors, in which additional restrictions on increases in emissions may be appropriate to protect visibility in affected class I areas;
the imposition of the requirements of part D of this subchapter affecting the construction of new major stationary sources or major modifications to existing sources in such clean air corridors specifically including the alternative siting analysis provisions of section 7503(a)(5) of this title; and
the promulgation of regulations under section 7491 of this title to address long range strategies for addressing regional haze which impairs visibility in affected class I areas.
Duties of Administrator
The Administrator shall, taking into account the studies pursuant to subsection (a)(1) and the reports pursuant to subsection (d)(2) and any other relevant information, within eighteen months of receipt of the report referred to in subsection (d)(2) of this section, carry out the Administrator’s regulatory responsibilities under section 7491 of this title, including criteria for measuring “reasonable progress” toward the national goal.
Any regulations promulgated under section 7491 of this title pursuant to this subsection shall require affected States to revise within 12 months their implementation plans under section 7410 of this title to contain such emission limits, schedules of compliance, and other measures as may be necessary to carry out regulations promulgated pursuant to this subsection.
Grand Canyon visibility transport commission

The Administrator pursuant to subsection (c)(1) shall, within 12 months, establish a visibility transport commission for the region affecting the visibility of the Grand Canyon National Park.

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