Historical and Revision Notes


U.S. Code

Revised Statutes and

Statutes at Large


5 U.S.C. 2331.

Aug. 28, 1958, Pub. L. 85–795, § 2, 72 Stat. 959.


5 U.S.C. 2332.

Aug. 28, 1958, Pub. L. 85–795, § 3, 72 Stat. 959.

In subsection (a)(2), the words “without a change of position from the agency by which he is employed to an international organization” are substituted for “without the employee’s transfer from the Federal agency by which he is employed” to eliminate the necessity of carrying into this section the definition of “transfer” appearing in former section 2331(5).

In subsection (e), the words “section 209 of title 18” are substituted for “section 1914 of title 18” on authority of the Act of Oct. 23, 1962, Pub. L. 87–849, § 2, 76 Stat. 1126.

Other definitions appearing in former section 2331 are omitted from this section as inappropriate but are carried into section 3581.

Standard changes are made to conform with the definitions applicable and the style of this title as outlined in the preface to the report.

Editorial Notes

1969—Subsec. (b). Pub. L. 91–175 substituted “5” for “3” and inserted provision enabling President, regarding an agency employee detailed to an international organization for 5 years, to extend the 5-year period for up to an additional 3 years.

Executive Documents
Details to International Organizations

For provisions concerning the providing for details of Federal employees to international organizations and the delegation of Presidential authority, concerning the extension of a detail under this section, to the Secretary of State, see Ex. Ord. No. 11552, Aug. 24, 1970, 35 F.R. 13569, set out as a note under section 3584 of this title.