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§ 3101.
Purposes of agricultural research, extension, and education
The purposes of federally supported agricultural research, extension, and education are to—
enhance the competitiveness of the United States agriculture and food industry in an increasingly competitive world environment;
increase the long-term productivity of the United States agriculture and food industry while maintaining and enhancing the natural resource base on which rural America and the United States agricultural economy depend;
develop new uses and new products for agricultural commodities, such as alternative fuels, and develop new crops;
support agricultural research and extension to promote economic opportunity in rural communities and to meet the increasing demand for information and technology transfer throughout the United States agriculture industry;
improve risk management in the United States agriculture industry;
improve the safe production and processing of, and adding of value to, United States food and fiber resources using methods that maintain the balance between yield and environmental soundness;
support higher education in agriculture to give the next generation of Americans the knowledge, technology, and applications necessary to enhance the competitiveness of United States agriculture;
maintain an adequate, nutritious, and safe supply of food to meet human nutritional needs and requirements; and
support international collaboration that leverages resources and advances priority food and agricultural interests of the United States, such as—
addressing emerging plant and animal diseases;
improving crop varieties and animal breeds; and
developing safe, efficient, and nutritious food systems.
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