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§ 5311a.
Joint nutrition monitoring and related research activities
The Secretary and the Secretary of Health and Human Services shall continue to provide jointly for national nutrition monitoring and related research activities carried out as of the date of enactment of this Act—
to collect continuous dietary, health, physical activity, and diet and health knowledge data on a nationally representative sample;
to periodically collect data on special at-risk populations, as identified by the Secretaries;
to distribute information on health, nutrition, the environment, and physical activity to the public in a timely fashion;
to analyze new data that becomes available;
to continuously update food composition tables; and
to research and develop data collection methods and standards.
(Pub. L. 110–234, title IV, § 4403, May 22, 2008, 122 Stat. 1137; Pub. L. 110–246, § 4(a), title IV, § 4403, June 18, 2008, 122 Stat. 1664, 1898.)
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