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§ 7626.
Integrated research, education, and extension competitive grants program

It is the purpose of this section to authorize the Secretary of Agriculture to establish an integrated research, education, and extension competitive grant program to provide funding for integrated, multifunctional agricultural research, extension, and education activities.

Competitive grants authorized

Subject to the availability of appropriations to carry out this section, the Secretary may award grants to colleges and universities (as defined in section 3103 of this title), 1994 Institutions, and Hispanic-serving agricultural colleges and universities on a competitive basis for integrated agricultural research, education, and extension projects in accordance with this section.

Criteria for grants

Grants under this section shall be awarded to address priorities in United States agriculture, determined by the Secretary in consultation with the Advisory Board, that involve integrated research, extension, and education activities.

Matching funds requirement
In general

Subject to paragraph (3), with respect to a grant under this section that provides a particular benefit to a specific agricultural commodity, the recipient of the grant shall provide non-Federal matching funds (including funds from an agricultural commodity promotion, research, and information program) equal to not less than the amount of the grant.

In-kind support

Non-Federal matching funds described in paragraph (1) may include in-kind support.

The Secretary may waive the matching funds requirement under paragraph (1) with respect to a grant if the Secretary determines that—
the results of the grant are of a particular benefit to a specific agricultural commodity, but those results are likely to be applicable to agricultural commodities generally; or
the grant—
involves a minor commodity; and
deals with scientifically important research; and
the recipient is unable to satisfy the matching funds requirement.
Term of grant

A grant under this section shall have a term of not more than 5 years.

Authorization of appropriations

There are authorized to be appropriated such sums as are necessary to carry out this section for each of fiscal years 1999 through 2023.

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