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§ 8204.
Limitations on assistance

The total amount of payments that a person shall be entitled to receive under this chapter may not exceed $75,000, or an equivalent value in tree seedlings.


The total quantity of acres planted to trees or tree seedlings for which a person shall be entitled to receive payments under this chapter may not exceed 500 acres.

The Secretary shall promulgate regulations—
defining the term “person” for the purposes of this chapter, which shall conform, to the maximum extent practicable, to the regulations defining the term “person” promulgated under section 1308 of this title (before the amendment made by section 1603(a) 1
 See References in Text note below.
of the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008); and
promulgating such regulations as the Secretary determines necessary to ensure a fair and reasonable application of the limitation established under this section.
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