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§ 1053.
Financial institution charges incurred because of Government error in direct deposit of pay: reimbursement
A member of the armed forces (or a former member of the armed forces entitled to retired pay under chapter 1223 of this title) who, in accordance with law or regulation, participates in a program for the automatic deposit of pay to a financial institution may be reimbursed by the Secretary concerned for a covered late-deposit charge.
A covered late-deposit charge for purposes of paragraph (1) is a charge (including an overdraft charge or a minimum balance or average balance charge) that is levied by a financial institution and that results from an administrative or mechanical error on the part of the Government that causes the pay of the person concerned to be deposited late or in an incorrect manner or amount.
Reimbursements under this section shall be made from appropriations available for the pay and allowances of members of the armed force concerned.
The Secretaries concerned shall prescribe regulations to carry out this section, including regulations for the manner in which reimbursement under this section is to be made.
In this section:
The term “financial institution” means a bank, savings and loan association, or similar institution or a credit union chartered by the United States or a State.
The term “pay” includes (A) retired pay, and (B) allowances.
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