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§ 903.
Employment and salary practices

The Secretary of Defense shall conduct the employment and salary practices applicable to teachers and teaching positions in the Department of Defense in accordance with this chapter, other applicable law, and the regulations prescribed and issued by the Secretary of Defense under section 902 of this title.

Determination of exempt positions and individuals; establishment of annual salary rate
Subject to section 5103 of title 5, the Secretary of Defense—
shall determine the applicability of paragraph (22) of section 5102(c) of title 5 to positions and individuals in the Department of Defense; and
shall establish the appropriate annual salary rate in accordance with this chapter for each such position and individual to which such paragraph (22) is determined to be applicable.
Rates of basic compensation

The Secretary of Defense shall fix the basic compensation for teachers and teaching positions in the Department of Defense at rates equal to the average of the range of rates of basic compensation for similar positions of a comparable level of duties and responsibilities in urban school jurisdictions in the United States of 100,000 or more population.

Issuance of regulations by Secretary of Defense

The Secretary of Defense may prescribe and issue such regulations as he deems appropriate to carry out his functions under this chapter.

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