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§ 1641p.
Fees of agents, attorneys, or representatives
Maximum remuneration; penalty for violation

The total remuneration paid to all agents, attorneys-at-law or in fact, or representatives, for services rendered on behalf of any claimant in connection with any claim filed with the Commission shall not exceed 10 per centum of the total amount paid under this subchapter on account of such claim, or such greater amount as may be determined pursuant to subsection (b) of this section. Any agreement to the contrary shall be unlawful and void. Whoever, in the United States or elsewhere, demands or receives, on account of services so rendered, any remuneration which, together with all remuneration paid to other persons on account of such services and of which he has notice, is in excess of the maximum permitted by this section, shall be fined not more than $5,000 or imprisoned not more than twelve months, or both.

Petition for payment in excess of maximum; determination by Commission not subject to review

Not later than three months after the Commission has completed its affairs in connection with the settlement of all claims payable from the fund from which an award is payable, any agent, attorney-at-law or in fact, or representative who believes that the total remuneration for services rendered in connection with the claim upon which such award is made should exceed the maximum otherwise permitted by this section may, pursuant to such procedure as the Commission shall prescribe by regulation, petition the Commission for an order authorizing the payment of remuneration in excess of such maximum. The Commission shall issue such an order only upon a finding that there exist special circumstances of unusual hardship which require the payment of such excess; and such order shall state the amount of the excess which may so be paid. The determination of the Commission in ruling upon such petition shall be within the sole discretion of the Commission and shall not be subject to review by any court.

(Mar. 10, 1950, ch. 54, title III, § 317, as added Aug. 9, 1955, ch. 645, § 3, 69 Stat. 574.)
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