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§ 2461.
Exchanges between United States and independent states of the former Soviet Union
Financing of exchanges with repayments on Lend-Lease debts

The President is authorized to negotiate and implement agreements with the independent states of the former Soviet Union under which repayments made by the independent states on Lend-Lease debts to the United States would be used to finance the exchange of persons between the United States and the independent states for educational, cultural, and artistic purposes. Exchanges authorized pursuant to this section shall be administered subject to the provisions of this chapter. Part of the funds repaid to the United States shall be in convertible currency for the purpose of paying the expenses associated with study and other exchange activities in the United States by citizens of the independent states.

Limitation on availability of funds

Funds made available for the purposes of this section shall be available only to the extent and in the amounts provided for in an appropriation Act.

(Pub. L. 87–256, § 113, as added Pub. L. 101–246, title II, § 224, Feb. 16, 1990, 104 Stat. 56; amended Pub. L. 103–199, title III, § 301(2), Dec. 17, 1993, 107 Stat. 2322.)
cite as: 22 USC 2461