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§ 4133.
Freedom of action
Nature of protection

Any individual filing a grievance under this subchapter (hereinafter in this subchapter referred to as the “grievant”), and any witness, labor organization, or other person involved in a grievance proceeding, shall be free from any restraint, interference, coercion, harassment, discrimination, or reprisal in those proceedings or by virtue of them.

Right to representation
The grievant has the right to a representative of his or her own choosing at every stage of the proceedings under this subchapter.
In any case where the grievant is a member of a bargaining unit represented by an exclusive representative, but is not represented in the grievance by that exclusive representative, the exclusive representative shall have the right to appear during the grievance proceedings.
Administrative leave for witnesses

Any witness who is a member of the Service or employee of the Department shall be granted reasonable periods of administrative leave to appear and testify at any proceedings under this subchapter.

No record of—
a determination by the Secretary to reject a recommendation of the Foreign Service Grievance Board,
a finding by the Grievance Board against the grievant, or
the fact that a grievance proceeding is pending or has been held,
shall be entered in the personnel records of the grievant (except by order of the Grievance Board as a remedy for the grievance) or those of any other individual connected with the grievance. Nothing in this subsection shall prevent a grievant from placing a rebuttal to accompany a record of disciplinary action in such grievant’s personnel records nor prevent the Department from including a response to such rebuttal, including documenting those cases in which the Board has reviewed and upheld the discipline.
The Department shall maintain records pertaining to grievances under appropriate safeguards to preserve confidentiality.
The Foreign Service Grievance Board may enforce compliance with the requirements of paragraphs (1) and (2).
Expedition of security clearance procedures

The Department will use its best endeavors to expedite security clearance procedures whenever necessary to assure a fair and prompt resolution of a grievance.

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