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§ 4303.
Authorities of Secretary of State
The Secretary shall carry out the following functions:
Assist agencies of Federal, State, and municipal government with regard to ascertaining and according benefits, privileges, and immunities to which a foreign mission may be entitled.
Provide or assist in the provision of benefits for or on behalf of a foreign mission in accordance with section 4304 of this title.
As determined by the Secretary, dispose of property acquired in carrying out the purposes of this chapter.1
 See References in Text note below.
As determined by the Secretary, designate an office within the Department of State to carry out the purposes of this chapter.1 If such an office is established, the President may appoint, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, a Director, with the rank of ambassador. Of the Director and the next most senior person in the office, one should be an individual who has served in the Foreign Service and the other should be an individual who has served in the United States intelligence community.
Perform such other functions as the Secretary may determine necessary in furtherance of the policy of this chapter.
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