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§ 6003.
International cooperation
Cuban trading partners

The President should encourage the governments of countries that conduct trade with Cuba to restrict their trade and credit relations with Cuba in a manner consistent with the purposes of this chapter.

Sanctions against countries assisting Cuba
The President may apply the following sanctions to any country that provides assistance to Cuba:
The government of such country shall not be eligible for assistance under the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 [22 U.S.C. 2151 et seq.] or assistance or sales under the Arms Export Control Act [22 U.S.C. 2751 et seq.].
Such country shall not be eligible, under any program, for forgiveness or reduction of debt owed to the United States Government.
“Assistance to Cuba” defined
For purposes of paragraph (1), the term “assistance to Cuba”—
means assistance to or for the benefit of the Government of Cuba that is provided by grant, concessional sale, guaranty, or insurance, or by any other means on terms more favorable than that generally available in the applicable market, whether in the form of a loan, lease, credit, or otherwise, and such term includes subsidies for exports to Cuba and favorable tariff treatment of articles that are the growth, product, or manufacture of Cuba;
includes an exchange, reduction, or forgiveness of Cuban debt owed to a foreign country in return for a grant of an equity interest in a property, investment, or operation of the Government of Cuba (including the government of any political subdivision of Cuba, and any agency or instrumentality of the Government of Cuba) or of a Cuban national; and
does not include—
donations of food to nongovernmental organizations or individuals in Cuba, or
exports of medicines or medical supplies, instruments, or equipment that would be permitted under section 6004(c) of this title.
As used in this paragraph, the term “agency or instrumentality of the Government of Cuba” means an agency or instrumentality of a foreign state as defined in section 1603(b) of title 28, with each reference in such section to “a foreign state” deemed to be a reference to “Cuba”.
Applicability of section

This section, and any sanctions imposed pursuant to this section, shall cease to apply at such time as the President makes and reports to the Congress a determination under section 6007(a) of this title.

(Pub. L. 102–484, div. A, title XVII, § 1704, Oct. 23, 1992, 106 Stat. 2576; Pub. L. 104–114, title I, § 102(f), Mar. 12, 1996, 110 Stat. 793.)
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