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§ 396g.
Subsurface storage of oil or gas

The Secretary of the Interior, to avoid waste or to promote the conservation of natural resources or the welfare of the Indians, is authorized in his discretion to approve leases of lands that are subject to lease under section 396 or 396a of this title, for the subsurface storage of oil and gas, irrespective of the lands from which initially produced, and the Secretary is authorized, in order to provide for the subsurface storage of oil or gas, to approve modifications, amendments, or extensions of the oil and gas or other mining lease(s), if any, in effect as to restricted Indian lands, tribal or allotted, and may promulgate rules and regulations consistent with such leases, modifications, amendments, and extensions, relating to the storage of oil or gas thereunder. Any such leases may provide for the payment of a storage fee or rental on such stored oil or gas or, in lieu of such fee or rental, for a royalty other than that prescribed in the lease when such stored oil or gas is produced in conjunction with oil or gas not previously produced. It may be provided that any oil and gas lease under which storage of oil or gas is so authorized shall be continued in effect at least for the period of such storage use and so long thereafter as oil or gas not previously produced is produced in paying quantities.

(May 11, 1938, ch. 198, § 8, as added Aug. 1, 1956, ch. 808, 70 Stat. 774.)
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