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§ 1660a.
Grants for alcohol and substance abuse related services

The Secretary may make grants for the provision of health-related services in prevention of, treatment of, rehabilitation of, or school and community-based education in, alcohol and substance abuse in urban centers to those urban Indian organizations with whom the Secretary has entered into a contract under this subchapter or under section 1621 of this title.

Goals of grant

Each grant made pursuant to subsection (a) shall set forth the goals to be accomplished pursuant to the grant. The goals shall be specific to each grant as agreed to between the Secretary and the grantee.

The Secretary shall establish criteria for the grants made under subsection (a), including criteria relating to the—
size of the urban Indian population;
accessibility to, and utilization of, other health resources available to such population;
duplication of existing Service or other Federal grants or contracts;
capability of the organization to adequately perform the activities required under the grant;
satisfactory performance standards for the organization in meeting the goals set forth in such grant, which standards shall be negotiated and agreed to between the Secretary and the grantee on a grant-by-grant basis; and
identification of need for services.
The Secretary shall develop a methodology for allocating grants made pursuant to this section based on such criteria.
Treatment of funds received by urban Indian organizations

Any funds received by an urban Indian organization under this chapter for substance abuse prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation shall be subject to the criteria set forth in subsection (c).

(Pub. L. 94–437, title V, § 511, as added Pub. L. 102–573, title V, § 502, Oct. 29, 1992, 106 Stat. 4569.)
cite as: 25 USC 1660a