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§ 3111.
Assessment of Indian forest land and management programs
Initial assessment
Within 1 year after November 28, 1990, the Secretary, in consultation with affected Indian tribes, shall enter into a contract with a non-Federal entity knowledgeable in forest management practices on Federal and private lands to conduct an independent assessment of Indian forest lands and Indian forest land management practices.
Such assessment shall be national in scope and shall include—
an in-depth analysis of management practices on, and the level of funding for, specific Indian forest land compared with similar Federal and private forest lands,
a survey of the condition of Indian forest lands, including health and productivity levels,
an evaluation of procedures employed in timber sales administration, including preparation, field supervision, and accountability for proceeds,
an analysis of the potential for reducing or eliminating relevant administrative procedures, rules and policies of the Bureau of Indian Affairs consistent with the Federal trust responsibility,
a comprehensive review of the adequacy of Indian forest land management plans, including their compatibility with applicable tribal integrated resource management plans and their ability to meet tribal needs and priorities,
an evaluation of the feasibility and desirability of establishing minimum standards against which the adequacy of the forestry programs of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in fulfilling its trust responsibility to Indian tribes can be measured, and
a recommendation of any reforms and increased funding levels necessary to bring Indian forest land management programs to a state-of-the-art condition.
Such assessment shall include specific examples and comparisons from each of the regions of the United States where Indian forest lands are located.
The initial assessment required by this subsection shall be completed no later than 36 months following November 28, 1990. Upon completion, the assessment shall be submitted to the Committee on Natural Resources of the United States House of Representatives and the Committee on Indian Affairs of the United States Senate and shall be made available to Indian tribes.
Periodic assessments

On each 10-year anniversary of November 28, 1990, the Secretary shall provide for an independent assessment of Indian forest lands and Indian forest land management practices under the criteria established in subsection (a) which shall include analyses measured against findings in previous assessments.

Status report to Congress

The Secretary shall submit, within 1 year of the first full fiscal year after November 28, 1990, and within 6 months of the end of each succeeding fiscal year, a report to the Committee on Natural Resources of the United States House of Representatives, the Committee on Indian Affairs of the United States Senate, and to the affected Indian tribes a report on the status of Indian forest lands with respect to standards, goals and objectives set forth in approved forest management plans for each Indian tribe with Indian forest lands. The report shall identify the amount of Indian forest land in need of forestation or other silviculture treatment and the quantity of timber available for sale, offered for sale, and sold for each Indian tribe.

Assistance from Secretary of Agriculture

The Secretary of Agriculture, through the Forest Service, is authorized to provide, upon the request of the Secretary of the Interior, on a nonreimbursable basis, technical assistance in the conduct of such research and evaluation activities as may be necessary for the completion of any reports or assessments required by this chapter.

(Pub. L. 101–630, title III, § 312, Nov. 28, 1990, 104 Stat. 4539; Pub. L. 103–437, § 10(f), Nov. 2, 1994, 108 Stat. 4589.)
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