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§ 3404.
Programs affected
Programs affected
In general
The programs that may be integrated pursuant to a plan approved under section 3407 of this title shall be only programs—
implemented for the purpose of—
job training;
welfare to work and tribal work experience;
creating or enhancing employment opportunities;
skill development;
assisting Indian youth and adults to succeed in the workforce;
encouraging self-sufficiency;
familiarizing individual participants with the world of work;
facilitating the creation of job opportunities;
economic development; or
any services related to the activities described in clauses (i) through (x); and
under which an Indian tribe or members of an Indian tribe—
are eligible to receive funds—
under a statutory or administrative formula making funds available to an Indian tribe; or
based solely or in part on their status as Indians under Federal law; or
have secured funds as a result of a noncompetitive process or a specific designation.
Treatment of block grant funds

For purposes of this section, programs funded by block grant funds provided to an Indian tribe, regardless of whether the block grant is for the benefit of the Indian tribe because of the status of the Indian tribe or the status of the beneficiaries the grant serves, shall be eligible to be integrated into the plan.

Program authorization

The Secretary shall, in cooperation with the Attorney General, the Secretary of Agriculture, the Secretary of Commerce, the Secretary of Education, the Secretary of Energy, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, the Secretary of Labor, the Secretary of Transportation, and the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, after the Secretary approves a plan submitted by an Indian tribe or tribal organization under section 3407 of this title, authorize the Indian tribe or tribal organization, as applicable, to coordinate, in accordance with the plan, federally funded employment, training, and related services programs and funding in a manner that integrates the programs and funding into a consolidated and comprehensive program.

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