United States Code

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§ 5205.
Amendment or revocation of charters; suits by and against associations

The charters of any cooperative association organized pursuant to section 5204 of this title shall not be amended or revoked by the Secretary except after a majority vote of the membership. Such cooperative associations may sue and be sued in any court of the State of Oklahoma or of the United States having jurisdiction of the cause of action, but a certified copy of all papers filed in any action against a cooperative association in a court of Oklahoma shall be served upon the Secretary of the Interior, or upon an employee duly authorized by him to receive such service. Within thirty days after such service or within such extended time as the trial court may permit, the Secretary of the Interior may intervene in such action or may remove such action to the United States district court.

(June 26, 1936, ch. 831, § 5, 49 Stat. 1968; June 25, 1948, ch. 646, § 29, 62 Stat. 991.)
cite as: 25 USC 5205