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§ 5365.
General provisions

An Indian Tribe and the Secretary shall include in any compact or funding agreement provisions that reflect the requirements of this subchapter.

Conflicts of interest

An Indian Tribe participating in self-governance shall ensure that internal measures are in place to address, pursuant to Tribal law and procedures, conflicts of interest in the administration of programs.

Single Agency Audit Act

Chapter 75 of title 31 shall apply to a funding agreement under this subchapter.

Cost principles
An Indian Tribe shall apply cost principles under the applicable Office of Management and Budget circular, except as modified by—
any provision of law, including section 5325 of this title; or
any exemptions to applicable Office of Management and Budget circulars subsequently granted by the Office of Management and Budget.
Federal claims

Any claim by the Federal Government against an Indian Tribe relating to funds received under a funding agreement based on any audit under this subsection shall be subject to section 5325(f) of this title.

Redesign and consolidation
Except as provided in section 5367 of this title, an Indian Tribe may redesign or consolidate programs, or reallocate funds for programs, in a compact or funding agreement in any manner that the Indian Tribe determines to be in the best interest of the Indian community being served—
so long as the redesign or consolidation does not have the effect of denying eligibility for services to population groups otherwise eligible to be served under applicable Federal law; and
except that, with respect to the reallocation, consolidation, and redesign of programs described in subsection (b)(2) or (c) of section 5363 of this title, a joint agreement between the Secretary and the Indian Tribe shall be required.
In general

An Indian Tribe may fully or partially retrocede to the Secretary any program under a compact or funding agreement.

Effective date

Unless an Indian Tribe rescinds a request for retrocession under paragraph (1), the retrocession shall become effective on the date specified by the parties in the compact or funding agreement.

No agreement
In the absence of a specification of an effective date in the compact or funding agreement, the retrocession shall become effective on—
the earlier of—
1 year after the date on which the request is submitted; and
the date on which the funding agreement expires; or
such date as may be mutually agreed upon by the Secretary and the Indian Tribe.
A funding agreement shall provide that, for the period for which, and to the extent to which, funding is provided to an Indian Tribe under this subchapter, the Indian Tribe—
shall not be entitled to contract with the Secretary for funds under section 5321 of this title, except that the Indian Tribe shall be eligible for new programs on the same basis as other Indian Tribes; and
shall be responsible for the administration of programs in accordance with the compact or funding agreement.
In general
Recordkeeping system
An Indian Tribe shall—
maintain a recordkeeping system; and
on a notice period of not less than 30 days, provide the Secretary with reasonable access to the records to enable the Department to meet the requirements of sections 3101 through 3106 of title 44.
(Pub. L. 93–638, title IV, § 405, as added Pub. L. 116–180, title I, § 101(e), Oct. 21, 2020, 134 Stat. 865.)
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