United States Code

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§ 471.
Congressional findings and declaration of purpose
The Congress hereby finds and declares that:
As technology continues to change and expand rapidly, its applications are—
large and growing in scale; and
increasingly extensive, pervasive, and critical in their impact, beneficial and adverse, on the natural and social environment.
Therefore, it is essential that, to the fullest extent possible, the consequences of technological applications be anticipated, understood, and considered in determination of public policy on existing and emerging national problems.
The Congress further finds that:
the Federal agencies presently responsible directly to the Congress are not designed to provide the legislative branch with adequate and timely information, independently developed, relating to the potential impact of technological applications, and
the present mechanisms of the Congress do not and are not designed to provide the legislative branch with such information.
Accordingly, it is necessary for the Congress to—
equip itself with new and effective means for securing competent, unbiased information concerning the physical, biological, economic, social, and political effects of such applications; and
utilize this information, whenever appropriate, as one factor in the legislative assessment of matters pending before the Congress, particularly in those instances where the Federal Government may be called upon to consider support for, or management or regulation of, technological applications.
(Pub. L. 92–484, § 2, Oct. 13, 1972, 86 Stat. 797.)
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