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§ 12908.
Rental assistance
Use of funds
In general

Grants under this section may be used only for assistance to provide rental assistance for low-income eligible persons. Such assistance may be project based or tenant based and shall be provided to the extent practicable in the manner provided for under section 1437f of this title. Grantees shall ensure that the housing provided is decent, safe, and sanitary.

Shared housing arrangements

Grants under this section may be used to assist individuals who elect to reside in shared housing arrangements in the manner provided under section 1437f(p) of this title, except that, notwithstanding such section, assistance under this section may be made available to nonelderly individuals. The Secretary shall issue any standards for shared housing under this paragraph that vary from standards issued under section 1437f(p) of this title only to the extent necessary to provide for circumstances of shared housing arrangements under this paragraph that differ from circumstances of shared housing arrangements for elderly families under section 1437f(p) of this title.

A recipient under this section shall comply with the following requirements:

The recipient shall provide for qualified service providers in the area to provide appropriate services to the eligible persons assisted under this section.

Intensive assistance

For any individual with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or related diseases who requires more care than can be provided in housing assisted under this section, the recipient shall provide for the locating of a care provider who can appropriately care for the individual and referral of the individual to the care provider.

Administrative costs

A project sponsor providing rental assistance under this section may use amounts from any grant received under this section for administrative expenses involved in providing such assistance, subject to the provisions of 12905(g)(2) 1

 So in original. Probably should be preceded by “section”.
of this title.

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