United States Code

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§ 18351.
Continuation of the International Space Station
Policy of the United States

It shall be the policy of the United States, in consultation with its international partners in the ISS program, to support full and complete utilization of the ISS through at least September 30, 2030.

NASA action
In furtherance of the policy set forth in subsection (a), NASA shall—
pursue international, commercial, and intragovernmental means to maximize ISS logistics supply, maintenance, and operational capabilities, reduce risks to ISS systems sustainability, and offset and minimize United States operations costs relating to the ISS;
utilize, to the extent practicable, the ISS for the development of capabilities and technologies needed for the future of human space exploration beyond low-Earth orbit; and
utilize, if practical and cost effective, the ISS for Science Mission Directorate missions in low-Earth orbit.
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