United States Code

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§ 3056b.
Participants not Federal employees
Inapplicability of certain provisions covering Federal employees

Eligible individuals who are participants in any project funded under this subchapter shall not be considered to be Federal employees as a result of such participation and shall not be subject to part III of title 5.

Workers’ compensation

No grant or subgrant shall be made and no contract or subcontract shall be entered into under this subchapter with an entity who is, or whose employees are, under State law, exempted from operation of the State workers’ compensation law, generally applicable to employees, unless the entity shall undertake to provide either through insurance by a recognized carrier or by self-insurance, as authorized by State law, that the persons employed under the grant, subgrant, contract, or subcontract shall enjoy workers’ compensation coverage equal to that provided by law for covered employment.

(Pub. L. 89–73, title V, § 504, as added Pub. L. 109–365, title V, § 501, Oct. 17, 2006, 120 Stat. 2575.)
cite as: 42 USC 3056b