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§ 3196.
Performance evaluations of grant recipients
In general

The Secretary shall conduct an evaluation of each university center and each economic development district that receives grant assistance under this chapter (each referred to in this section as a “grantee”) to assess the grantee’s performance and contribution toward retention and creation of employment.

Purpose of evaluations of university centers

The purpose of the evaluations of university centers under subsection (a) shall be to determine which university centers are performing well and are worthy of continued grant assistance under this chapter, and which should not receive continued assistance, so that university centers that have not previously received assistance may receive assistance.

Timing of evaluations

Evaluations under subsection (a) shall be conducted on a continuing basis so that each grantee is evaluated within 3 years after the first award of assistance to the grantee, and at least once every 3 years thereafter, so long as the grantee receives the assistance.

Evaluation criteria

The Secretary shall establish criteria for use in conducting evaluations under subsection (a).

Evaluation criteria for university centers

The criteria for evaluation of a university center shall, at a minimum, provide for an assessment of the center’s contribution to providing technical assistance, conducting applied research, program performance, and disseminating results of the activities of the center.

Evaluation criteria for economic development districts

The criteria for evaluation of an economic development district shall, at a minimum, provide for an assessment of management standards, financial accountability, and program performance.

Peer review

In conducting an evaluation of a university center or economic development district under subsection (a), the Secretary shall provide for the participation of at least 1 other university center or economic development district, as appropriate, on a cost-reimbursement basis.

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