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§ 4954.
Terms and periods of service
Personal commitment; scope of commitment

Volunteers serving under this part shall be required to make a full-time personal commitment to combating poverty and poverty-related problems. To the maximum extent practicable, the requirement for full-time commitment shall include a commitment to live among and at the economic level of the people served, and to remain available for service without regard to regular working hours, at all times during their periods of service, except for authorized periods of leave.

Minimum period of service; critical scarce-skill needs exception; reenrollment; limitation
Volunteers serving under this part may be enrolled initially for periods of service of not less than 1 year, nor more than 2 years, except as provided in paragraph (2) or subsection (e).
Volunteers serving under this part may be enrolled for periods of service of less than 1 year if the Director determines, on an individual basis, that a period of service of less than 1 year is necessary to meet a critical scarce skill need.
Volunteers serving under this part may be reenrolled for periods of service in a manner to be determined by the Director. No volunteer shall serve for more than a total of 5 years under this part.
Oath or affirmation

Volunteers under this part shall, upon enrollment, take the oath of office as prescribed for persons appointed to any office of honor or profit by section 3331 of title 5, and shall swear (or affirm) that the volunteer does not advocate the overthrow of the constitutional form of government of the United States and that the volunteer is not a member of an organization that advocates the overthrow of the constitutional form of government of the United States, knowing that such organization so advocates, except that persons legally residing within a State but who are not citizens or nationals of the United States, may serve under this part without taking or subscribing to such oath, if the Director determines that the service of such persons will further the interests of the United States. Such persons shall take such alternative oath or affirmation as the Director shall deem appropriate.

Grievance and personal view presentation procedure; notice and hearing; information

The Director shall establish a procedure, including notice and opportunity to be heard, for volunteers under this part to present and obtain resolution of grievances and to present their views in connection with the terms and conditions of their service. The Director shall promptly provide to each volunteer in service on October 1, 1973, and to each such volunteer beginning service thereafter, information regarding such procedure and the terms and conditions of their service.

Summer associates
Notwithstanding any other provision of this part, the Director may enroll full-time VISTA summer associates in a program for the summer months only, under such terms and conditions as the Director shall determine to be appropriate. Such individuals shall be assigned to projects that meet the criteria set forth in section 4953(a) of this title.
In preparing reports relating to programs under this chapter, the Director shall report on participants, costs, and accomplishments under the summer program separately.
The limitation on funds appropriated for grants and contracts, as contained in section 4958 of this title, shall not apply to the summer program.
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