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§ 4992.
Authority to establish and operate special volunteer and demonstration programs
In general

The Director is authorized to conduct special volunteer programs for demonstration programs, or award grants to or enter into contracts with public or nonprofit organizations to carry out such programs. Such programs shall encourage wider volunteer participation on a full-time, part-time, or short-term basis to further the purpose of this part, and identify particular segments of the poverty community that could benefit from volunteer and other antipoverty efforts.

Assignment and support of volunteers

The assignment of volunteers under this section, and the provision of support for such volunteers, including any subsistence allowances and stipends, shall be on such terms and conditions as the Director shall determine to be appropriate, but shall not exceed the level of support provided under section 4955 of this title. Projects using volunteers who do not receive stipends may also be supported under this section.

Criteria and priorities

In carrying out this section and section 4993 of this title, the Director shall establish criteria and priorities for awarding grants and entering into contracts under this part in each fiscal year. No grant or contract exceeding $100,000 shall be made under this part unless the recipient of the grant or contractor has been selected by a competitive process that includes public announcement of the availability of funds for such grant or contract, general criteria for the selection of recipients or contractors, and a description of the application process and application review process.

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