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§ 283l.
Construction of regional centers for research on primates
With respect to activities carried out by the Director of NIH, acting through the Office of the Director of NIH, to support regional centers for research on primates, the Director of NIH may, for each of the fiscal years 2000 through 2002, reserve from the amounts appropriated to carry out section 283k of this title such sums as necessary for the purpose of making awards of grants and contracts to public or nonprofit private entities to construct, renovate, or otherwise improve such regional centers. The reservation of such amounts for any fiscal year is subject to the availability of qualified applicants for such awards.
The Director of NIH may not make a grant or enter into a contract under subsection (a) unless the applicant for such assistance agrees, with respect to the costs to be incurred by the applicant in carrying out the purpose described in such subsection, to make available (directly or through donations from public or private entities) non-Federal contributions in cash toward such costs in an amount equal to not less than $1 for each $4 of Federal funds provided in such assistance.
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