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§ 7627.
Coordinated program of research, extension, and education to improve viability of small and medium size dairy, livestock, and poultry operations
Program authorized

The Secretary of Agriculture may carry out a coordinated program of research, extension, and education to improve the competitiveness, viability, and sustainability of small and medium size dairy, livestock, and poultry operations (referred to in this section as “operations”).

To the extent the Secretary elects to carry out the program, the Secretary shall conduct—
research, development, and on-farm extension and education concerning low-cost production facilities and practices, management systems, and genetics that are appropriate for the operations;
in the case of dairy and livestock operations, research and extension on management-intensive grazing systems for dairy and livestock production to realize the potential for reduced capital and feed costs through greater use of management skills, labor availability optimization, and the natural benefits of grazing pastures;
research and extension on integrated crop and livestock or poultry systems that increase efficiencies (including improved use of energy inputs), reduce costs, and prevent environmental pollution to strengthen the competitive position of the operations;
economic analyses and market feasibility studies to identify new and expanded opportunities for producers on the operations that provide tools and strategies to meet consumer demand in domestic and international markets, such as cooperative marketing and value-added strategies for milk, meat, and poultry production and processing; and
technology assessment that compares the technological resources of large specialized producers with the technological needs of producers on the operations to identify and transfer existing technology across all sizes and scales and to identify the specific research and education needs of the producers.

The Secretary may use the funds, facilities, and technical expertise of the Agricultural Research Service and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture and other funds available to the Secretary (other than funds of the Commodity Credit Corporation) to carry out this section.

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